About Us

Childcare Center in New York

The kids are playingIndependent Toddler Childcare is a community-based and locally-managed group childcare center in New York, New York. We have managed to create a wonderful yet peaceful sanctuary that is fit for learning and developing toddlers. Our aim is to provide the children with a conducive environment where they can be safe, educated, and nurtured – a home away from home.

We provide working and busy parents with the right avenue where they can temporarily send their child to a fun and secured environment. It’s an affordable place where each child is nurtured and care for in a unique way. With our flexible hours and days it allows the parent to go on with there equally important work or life priorities. Our facility has been thoroughly assessed and checked by government regulating departments, assuring that they are safe and friendly for daily child care. We also have a canteen where nutritious yet delicious meals are served.

We operate in government approved caregiver-child ration providing proper supervision. We also adopt a child-friendly curriculum which involves lessons and activities that are just enough for your children’s developmental needs. Our staff has years of experience working with children. They are C.P.R, A.E.D and First Aid certified. They must also attend mandatory training. Their mission is to provide proper academic teaching, good role- modeling and to develop a great relationship with every child that enters our door.

We are CDA accredited. We also provide care to children ages 1 to 4 years old.