Summer Camp in New York

I am very happy with Prince’s progression at the daycare. Prince seems to handle the schedule very well and I couldn’t be happier with how much he has learned. I see his communication progressing very well and I love the fact that he’s surrounded by kids that are not only older but also younger than him. He learns from those older than him and at the same time learns to set an example for those younger than him. Prince knows how to count up to at least 20, he knows a few colors, he sings the ABC’s and through art work and other activities he’s constantly exposed to other things that are in the real world.


I, the mother of Payton Brown has experienced positive and opened door communication with Independent Toddler. I like the structure of the program. My child comes home safe and happy. I will recommend this child care center to any family. Also I like the different kinds of art that the children are working on. Independent toddler has been a trust outlet for my family and I appreciate their business.

Ms. Mary Brown

I am very pleased with the atmosphere at Independent Tots. I wasn’t ready to just hand my youngest to anyone but circumstances arose and I had to go back to work. Unfortunately I didn’t trust anyone and neither did my son Mackenzie. Then a neighbor told me about this place. Boy, was I relieved to find you. The home like scene is perfect. I am very pleased to be part of your establishment. Now everyday Mackenzie is eager to go to school and Mackenzie loves his school.

Thank you very much for being a part of our lives.

Lisandra Garcia

My son had been with me for the last 21 months. It was time for him to start daycare and i was naturally very anxious. I went to see Sharon at independent tots and was happy to find a clean, bright welcoming space. I was encouraged by the fact that the kids art was on the walls and everything was well organized. Luc has been with Sharon and her staff for the last couple of months and everyone made sure that the transition was as easy as possible. Everyday i pick him up i am given a quick a thorough rundown of his day, what he did, what he ate and things he got up to. I am always happy in the knowledge that my son is in a nurturing and stimulating environment with lovely staff who really care about him.

– Anna L

I was very fortunate and got to observe Independent Toddler before I was even thinking of a day care/ play group for our first son. I asked around the neighborhood and heard from other parents we respect as well as teachers and even caregivers that it is such a great place! In fact, we love and rely on Independent Toddler so much that we sent all three of our kids there. It’s a loving, warm environment and our children have all been cared for by thoughtful teachers as if they were their own. Sharon is a fixture in this community and sees her work as supporting families and parents rather than just a business or some money-maker. This explains a great deal about how they operate.

Camille Marlow and Jonathan Lefkowitz

We are so pleased to have our 22 month old son HWB with Sharon Mendez and everyone at Independent Toddlers. Our neighbors (with twins!) referred us to them, and we couldn’t be happier! Activities and play are so important, and Sharon and Independent Toddlers have been an integral part of our child’s growth and development. We highly recommend them!

All Best,

My daughter has been going to Independent tots for 3 months now. She is the only child so I want her to be more socialize and get along with other children. Sharon and her team are great with kids. Super patients and really pay special attention to every kids there. They called me when they found an usual diaper rash on my daughter so i know they really cares about her. It has been only 3 months, my husband and I can both see the huge progress Toni have made under the love and care of Sharon’s team. She is now a healthy, happy and independent 14 months old who can feed herself, expressive through dance and laughter and love playing with other kids.

– Fiona

My grandson is a student at Independent toddlers. Before my grandson started attending Independent toddlers he could hardly speak; he used a lot of hand gestures to communicate with us. After just 2 weeks at Independent toddlers we could see a complete transformation in his verbal communication. His cognitive skills improved, he began pronouncing words more clearly, singing songs, sharing, and even gained independency. I would highly recommend this daycare center.

– Ms. Romero

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