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Creating Sensory Activities for Toddler’s Exploration

Picture a bustling childcare center in New York, New York, filled with bright-eyed toddlers ready to absorb the world. Most parents in the urban hustle-bustle need more time to whip up fun, educational activities at home. Childcare centers step...

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How to Introduce Numbers and Counting to Your Toddler

One of the most important skills that your toddler can learn is how to count and recognize numbers. It is a form of early childhood education that helps them develop their math and logic abilities, as well as their sense of order and...

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How Finger Painting Can Benefit Your Child

Our childcare center in New York City, New York, utilizes finger painting as a form of learning since it is a fun and easy activity that has many benefits for young children. Here are some of its benefits: It stimulates all the...

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Why Do Social Skills Matter During Childhood?

We practice essential social skills throughout the entire course of our lives. Instilling these skills can start at home. But sharpening them further can happen as they receive early childhood education. Parents who are looking for...

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The Impact of Open-Ended Questions

Skill development can come naturally to young kids. Despite this natural aptitude, kids still need guidance when developing vital skills. It is a goal when providing early childhood education to make learning easier for kids.  Here at...

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Raising Your Child to Be Bilingual

Learning a second language is a skill that can enhance a person’s life in many ways, as it opens up new doors leading to great opportunities such as career advancement and personal growth. That is why many parents are now enrolling their...

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