Benefits of Reading at a Young Age

Benefits of Reading at a Young Age

The process of learning to read starts with knowing our ABCs. We start by learning the letters and then the different sounds of each letter. At age 4 to 5, children can already grasp the concept of letters. Early childhood education includes learning the letters and counting. It then develops to reading and counting as they advance in their education. Reading is one of the fundamentals of education and it is one of those skills that children can learn at a young age.

At our childcare center in New York, New York, we have a library to encourage our students to read books. Our library features the works of child-friendly and creative authors. We hope to introduce our students to the amazing world of literature and ignite their passion for reading.

There are many benefits of reading in the learning process of a child. Here are some of these benefits:

  • It helps nurture brain connections. Reading is exercise for our brains. It improves brain connectivity and function.
  • It helps in language learning. Reading develops a child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. Our teachers at our daycare in New York also guide your child in learning words and their proper spelling.
  • It introduces them to the world. Through reading, children learn many things about the world, different cultures, and different experiences.

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