Discover How Children Learn Through Play

Discover How Children Learn Through Play

Whether your child is playing at home or their daycare in New York, playing is one of the main ways that children learn and develop social skills. It builds their confidence, self-esteem, and emotional resiliency as they grow. Hence, play is an integral element in a child’s development and supports their learning journey.

Through the power of play, children develop their language skills, foster creativity, and learn how to build friendships with their peers. By playing in their childcare center in New York, New York, they learn essential skills faster, including the importance of teamwork, conflict resolution, and more.

An early childhood education provider can also engage your children in meaningful play, which fosters a safe environment for them to play and learn. It provides your child with a choice on what they want to do and evolves spontaneously without a script to follow. This makes it a risk-free environment driven by intrinsic motivation and the freedom to try new ideas.

Since play is a full-body activity, children also build their motor skills and foster muscle development. More than that, children also discover independence and develop positive self-esteem from a young age. It provides the opportunity to play with others through sharing and compromise, which prepares them for higher levels of education.

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