Effective Parenting to Different Personality Types

Effective Parenting to Different Personality Types

Pediatrician Harvey Karp says, “if babies are angels, toddlers are cavemen.” They start to assert themselves and act independently as much as they can!

This may be a stressful stage. However, parents aren’t as helpless as they sometimes feel. The first thing they should do is to figure out their toddler’s personality and temperament. Thus, Independent Toddler Childcare, a Childcare Center in New York, New York, lists these 3 toddler personality types.

  1. The Easy Tot
    They are easygoing – waking up cheerful and ready for a new day in a Daycare in New York. They tolerate change and enjoy dealing with new people and situations. Parents with toddlers of this personality type need only use common sense with a couple of caveats.
  2. The Shy One
    Their motto is, “When in doubt, don’t!” They are usually late walkers and often study with intensity how a game is played before jumping in. They often resist change and need a lot of time to transition from one activity to another. Parents need to make sure that they have the stability and time to process things.
  3. The Spirited Child
    “Parents usually know they have a spirited child because they’re the ‘more’ kids,” Karp says. They are more active, more impatient, more impulsive, etc. Parents of this personality type are advised, aside from having lots of patience, to keep them active. Get them outside to play – a lot, to burn off their energy and work through their moods.

No child, of course, is defined by just one toddler personality type. But based on Early Childhood Education experts, these can serve as a guide on how to better handle them.

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