Effective Strategies for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

Effective Strategies for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

Today, many children have unlimited time with electronic devices at home. However, too much exposure to digital screens can affect their early development and how they learn at daycare in New York. Studies indicate that excessive screen time can lead to developmental delays in children and affect their thinking and language processing abilities.

That said, setting limits on television or computer usage is not always easy in today’s increasingly modern world. As a reputable childcare center in New York, New York, we will share effective strategies to manage your child’s screen time:

  • Model healthy electronic usage
    As parents, your children look up to you as their role model. By setting a good example, you exhibit the appropriate screen-related behavior you hope to see in your children. Instead of going through your phone or keeping the television on for background noise at home, monitor how you use electronics at home as well.
  • Create “screen-free” spaces
    Similar to your child’s early childhood education provider, create “screen-free” spaces at home. This may include certain rooms or areas like the dining room or bedroom, instead of allowing these rooms reserved for eating and resting.
  • Set aside time to unplug
    Establish a schedule to unplug with the whole family. Refrain from using electronic devices during dinnertime or a certain hour in the afternoon. By agreeing to set aside your devices, your family can spend quality time together without any distractions.

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