Fun Activities That Encourage Pre-Reading and Early Literacy

Fun Activities That Encourage Pre-Reading and Early Literacy

Early literacy is the development of language skills from an early age and involves the ability to read and write. It begins from an early age with most kids developing early literacy as they attend daycare in New York. Since early literacy is considered the foundation of learning, it is important to develop before children attend formal schooling.

As a reputable early childhood education provider, we will share fun activities that encourage pre-reading and early literacy in children:

  • Read to your child
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote early literacy is by reading to your child. Read books that you choose as well as books that your child chooses. This increases their interest in reading while engaging their imagination and promoting creativity.
  • Play with magnetic letters
    Magnetic letters and a small dry-erase board are inexpensive items that can be used to encourage pre-reading skills. Start by spelling out small words like “cat” or “jar”, or your child’s name. As he/she gets more comfortable, start replacing one letter at a time to form new words while reading them together.
  • Recreate a picture book
    An inexpensive copy of your child’s favorite picture book from a thrift store can be used to recreate the story from memory. Separate each page from the binding and have your child recreate the book by putting together the images and using their memory to recreate the story.

Independent Toddler Childcare is an established childcare center in New York, New York. We offer several educational programs for young children to help develop their skills and develop a love for learning.

Reach out to us to learn more about our facility and receiving high-quality yet affordable childcare.

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