How to Help Develop Your Child’s Language

How to Help Develop Your Child's Language

Children can learn a lot from their parents. Thus, as parents, you should not leave everything to the teachers at a childcare center in New York, New York. You should also do your part in helping with your child’s language development by promoting better grammar and larger vocabularies. Here are simple tips to let you do that:

  • Narrate your actions.
    Just talk. You have to talk in complete sentences. Narrate what you are doing or what is going on so that the child can understand and even associate words to actions.
  • Read a lot.
    As part of the child’s early childhood education, read books to them. Spend time to read a bedtime story to them. Not only will this promote the child’s vocabulary, but doing this will also foster the child’s love for books.
  • Be interested in what the child is interested in.
    The child will speak more if the topic they are talking about is something that they are interested in. If they are narrating what happened to their day in the daycare in New York, show interest. Follow their lead. Ask questions.
  • Never criticize the child’s articulation.
    Criticism will never promote growth. Instead, provide positive feedback. If the child mispronounces a word, repeat that word to them with the correct pronunciation. Don’t hesitate to dole out praise for a job well done.

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