Preparing Your Toddler for Daycare


Your children’s first day at daycare is understandably going to be filled with anxiety for both you and them. You’ve probably been thinking about daycare since the moment you found out that you were going to have a child, but for them, it’s a brand new concept!

To help guide you in ensuring your child feels safe and secure, we at Independent Toddler Childcare, a daycare in New York, have prepared a few tips that we think might help you and your child ease into this big change.

Communicating with your child is a very good idea, and depending on their age, you’ll be able to explain what will happen to them. A nice way to teach them about daycare is to read them storybooks that tell what a daycare experience is like from the point of view of a child! Watching TV shows about the first days of preschool/daycare might enlighten them, too. Your child will already be familiar with the concept by the time their daycare schedule begins!

Doing the previous examples will ensure an early childhood education opportunity for your kids, and help jumpstart their enthusiasm as students and learners!

Independent Toddler Childcare offers affordable childcare at a high quality! Your child will feel safe and secure and will enjoy their time with us.

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