Reasons Why Children Need Physical Activity

 Reasons Why Children Need Physical Activity

Children are in their prime age to start living a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities in their routine. Independent Toddler Childcare values the need for children to be physically active as it helps them in their learning journey as well. We make sure to include physical activities when they are at our Childcare Center in New York, New York.

Physical activity is an essential factor in a child’s mental health. Early Childhood Education encourages regular physical activity to hone children’s cognitive abilities in thinking and remembering. Moreover, as physical activity helps children boost their self-esteem, it reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Children also learn to build social skills when they do physical activities with others.

Children at our Daycare in New York perform regular physical activities to maintain a healthy weight and prevent the risk of health problems that comes with an unhealthy weight growing up.

As children ages 3 to 5 years old lean more to active play, our affordable childcare encourages that they stay physically active throughout the day with various enjoyable activities to aid their growth and development in their critical age. Children ages 6 and older, on the other hand, must perform at least an hour of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activities every day to keep their bodies and muscles strong.

Get your children enrolled now as our childcare that accepts voucher provides fun games, exercises, and dances as physical activities.

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