Ways to Encourage Your Child to Follow Directions

Ways to Encourage Your Child to Follow Directions

Children become less inclined to follow instructions as they age and start their early childhood education. While it’s a good thing that they’re already learning how to be independent, it’s still important for them to know when to listen, especially now with the pandemic sweeping across countries. If they don’t know how to follow safety precautions and instructions, they put themselves at risk of getting infected.

Teaching your child how to follow directions doesn’t mean that you should dictate everything they do. It means communicating in a firm, consistent, but warm manner. It’s talking to them so that they listen and understand why you want them to follow specific instructions. Here are some easy ways you can encourage your child to listen more.

  • Start your request by calling out their name.
  • Talk to them at their eye level.
  • Word your request in a positive manner.
  • Use age-appropriate instructions and vocabularies.
  • Be a model of good behavior and good listening.

Teaching a reluctant child to listen to you is difficult, but with patience and help from your child’s daycare in New York, it’s possible to help them model good listening behaviors.

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