What’s with Kids and Their Toe Walking?


Why do you think your child does toe walking from time to time? Toe walking is when a child while walking, balances on the balls of their feet without ever resting their heels on the ground.

Toe walking on their toes occurs for various reasons; however, it is normal for this to happen as it can get better naturally over time. But if it persists, this can indicate problems like the child having shortened or tight calf muscles or sensory processing difficulties.

As a daycare in New York, we noticed how children tend to toe walk, and we know that it can be a red flag. That is why we integrate activities for children to improve their muscular development, vestibular and tactile processing.

Being a provider of early childhood education, we see the importance of working with parents and doctors hand in hand, especially in terms of observing the child’s development. We understand that each difficulty will be helped depending on the underlying cause.

In our childcare center in New York, New York, we have trained our staff to spot something different to children. To know whether a child has difficulty with vestibular processing- the child is unaware of their inefficient walking pattern and may feel balanced while toe walking. With this type of scenario, we engage the child in activities; like bear hugs, animal walks, yoga poses, and others.

In Independent Toddler Childcare, we integrate wellness activities and exercises that can help children encourage their development. We ensure to nurture each child and mold them to become better individuals in the future. In addition, we offer affordable childcare.

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