Why Build Up Your Child’s A.Q.?

Why Build Up Your Child’s A.Q.?

Suffering a few setbacks, even inside a Daycare in New York, while our children are growing up is actually a very healthy experience for them. Yes, you heard it right!

A child who has always been no. 1 in everything in life usually do not have the opportunity to build up his Adversity Quotient – a score that measures the ability of a person to deal with adversities in his or her life. Children with high A.Q. easily recover from setbacks and wholeheartedly accepts failures later in life.

From the expert of Early Childhood Education in New York, Independent Toddler Childcare brings you 4 reasons why you need to build up their A.Q.

  1. Adversity Provides Perspective
    Researchers found that “people who had experienced adverse events in their lives reported better mental and well-being than people with no history of misfortune.” How will one ever appreciate the good they’ve got if they don’t know how bad things can get?
  2. Adversity Builds Character
    The reason why we shield them is that we want to spare them from the pain of failing. However, if we do these enough times, they may eventually believe that they can’t handle and solve the problem on their own.
  3. Adversity Induces Creativity
    For some, adversity can be a tremendous source of creativity. Since adversity alters their perspective, this then leads to enhanced creativity.
  4. Adversity is an Education
    “There is no education like adversity,” Benjamin Disraeli said. Children need to experience the challenges that life brings because they are golden opportunities for learning. They are life lessons that no parent and a Childcare Center in New York, New York can teach through words alone.

If you are looking for an affordable childcare facility that aids their overall development, contact us!

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