Check Out More Tips for an Easier Daycare Drop-Off

Check Out More Tips for an Easier Daycare Drop-Off

It’s impossible to cover all the tips in one short article. Dropping off your mini-me to his or her Childcare Center in New York, New York won’t be easy. So Independent Toddler Childcare will be sharing a few more tips on how to make send-offs easier for the both of you. Take a look:

  • More for your child:
    • Have a conversation.
      Even toddlers can benefit from parents talking them through their first big change in life. This way, your child will develop a sense of predictability.
    • Start slow.
      If you have the time, let your child feel at ease with his or her daycare in New York by gradually decreasing the time you spend with him or her. You can go from spending one hour with your toddler, to 30 minutes, to 20, etc.
  • More for you:
    • Create a cohesive checklist.
      If Early Childhood Education has something to teach parents, it’s that your baby needs a lot of stuff. We’re talking about diapers, bibs, bottles of milk, wipes, and more! A checklist makes it easier to remember everything, so you don’t cram in the morning.
    • Expect the waterworks.
      Aside from the possible wails you’ll get when you drop off your toddler, expect teary eyes and a sense of feeling betrayed when you pick them up. Daycare is not a small change for a child. Just be patient. Your child will learn to adapt.

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