Disciplining Your Child Without Spanking


Studies have shown that using physical pain as punishment affects a child’s development. For most parents, spanking may feel like the fastest and most effective way to discourage bad behavior, but it only works in the short term.

So how can you correct your child’s behavior? Independent Toddler Childcare has your back. We deal will different types of kiddos daily at our Daycare in New York, so we know a thing or two about discouraging bad behavior. Here are some tips:

  • Time out
    This is effective in calming down a passionate and spirited child. Parents can also use time-outs to calm themselves down. Let’s be honest, as cute as they are, children have a way to get only our nerves.
  • Teach them healthy coping mechanisms
    In most cases, a child’s difficult behavior stems from their inability to process their own emotions and frustrations. So instead of spanking them the next time they throw a tantrum, talk to them and help them explain their emotions in a healthy way. At our Childcare Center in New York, New York, we often teach our students problem-solving skills and compromise.
  • Praise good behavior
    When your child is behaving or being nice to other kids, point out the behavior and praise them. This teaches them what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are no. for example, instructors at our Early Childhood Education sometimes point out kids who are following instructions and offering praise or little start stamps.

We hope these tips help. If you’re ever in the market for affordable childcare, give us a call at 212-598-0499. We’re always happy to help.

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