How to Control Children’s Separation Anxiety


It can be difficult to leave your child on their first day of preschool. There will undoubtedly be tantrums and a lot of sobbing. It is difficult to watch your child sob inconsolably as you depart. Children’s separation anxiety is more difficult to manage because they still don’t grasp the concept. There is a lot to manage, but don’t worry—our daycare in New York is here to support you.

Your child is set to enroll in our childcare center in New York City, New York, as the new school year gets underway. Use the following advice to make their first day at our school go smoothly:

  • Start imparting the idea of early childhood education to them now, while there is still time. Teach them to believe they will be fine throughout their brief absence. Create a routine for saying goodbye to your child.
  • Inform them that you will leave them for the time being and return to pick them up after school.
  • Release control and resist giving in to the drama when they begin to throw fits. To maintain consistency, refrain from stalling. They must prepare for large schools by doing this.
  • Keep the faith and have faith in your child as a parent. Only the first few days of school will see all the tears. They will gradually get used to the concept of attending school. Just make sure you don’t let their enthusiasm wane.

Register your child right away at Independent Toddler Childcare. Check out the specifics of our programs on our website to learn more about us. Call us or contact us online through chat if you have any questions. We are a childcare that accepts voucher.

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