Lava Lamp: A Fun Science Activity for Kids

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Science is not all about books. Science exists everywhere. And it can be fun, too!

At Independent Toddler Childcare we provide Early Childhood Education that excites and engages young children. We believe that when they are in their curious minds, they are more open towards learning and discovery.

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Science is for everyone – even the youngest members of society. Breakthrough the conventional ways of learning and expand your child’s interest in the activities you can even do at home. You can create your lava lamp using vegetable oil and fizzing tablets.

You will need a clean plastic bottle, vegetable oil or baby oil, Alka Seltzer, food coloring, and water. Fill a quarter of the bottle with water. Pour the oil into the bottle. Add drops of your chosen food color. Let the color sink. Drop the fizzy tablet into the bottle and wait. Then, watch as the show happens.

While your kids are mesmerized, the facts can be told. The magic happens with the differences in the density of the water and the oil. The fizzing tablet makes gas as it dissolves making the motions seen on the bottle.

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