Practicing Responsibility at Home


Every parent’s goal should be to support their children so they can develop into responsible and conscientious persons. Children who have age-appropriate tasks at home are more likely to grow up to be more responsible and structured. Our affordable childcare focuses on teaching our youngsters accountability in their homeroom tasks, as well. This is something we do at school to encourage cleanliness, leadership, and teamwork among our pupils.

As a reputable provider of early childhood education, we provide pupils with age-appropriate chores that are simple but effective. We normally ask students aged 2 to 5 to put away books and toys, clean up spills, and empty wastebaskets. We allow older pupils to sweep the floor, dust, clear away tables after use, and turn off lights and faucets.

Other things you can do at home that we can recommend are as follows:

  • Make a task chart for the entire household.
  • Instead of instructing your child to “clean their room,” explain to them exactly what they need to put away. Tell them, for example, to clean their bed, put away their toys, and put all dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Our daycare in New York advise showing your child how to conduct specific chores. Then, have your youngster assist you. You can let them execute the chore on their own once they’ve mastered it.
  • Avoid micromanagement. Make use of the “when/then” approach. “When the pets are fed, you may eat your meal,” for example.

We hope these tips will help you and your child at home. For more information about our childcare center in New York, New York, feel free to get in touch with Independent Toddler Childcare today!

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