Standing Up Against the Meanies In School

Standing Up Against the Meanies In School

You can find mean kids everywhere, and yes, even in Early Childhood Education. As much as your child’s school wants to think of their students as harmless little cherubs, there are some little rascals to look out for.

Independent Toddler Childcare understands how hard it is to protect your child from bullies, especially when you’re not around. So we’re sharing a few tips on how your little cutie pie can stand up against the meanies in their Daycare in New York without stooping to their level.

  • First, become your child’s “safe space”
    Make sure to check on your child every day about how things are going in their Childcare Center in New York, New York. Always use a calm and friendly tone when asking. The goal here is to create a warm and nurturing climate so your little pumpkin won’t hesitate to get into the details of their day.
  • Second, create a list of responses
    If your child expresses some concerns about a mean classmate, help them make the list of appropriate phrases they can use to tell someone to stop bullying behavior. These should be direct, but not antagonistic. For example, “leave me alone”, “back off”, or “stop that”.

Make sure to tell your little cutie that it’s okay to tell you if the meanies aren’t leaving them alone and that the teachers can help too.

If you’re looking for childcare that accepts voucher center that prioritizes your child’s safety and development, give us a call. Just dial 212-598-0499 to get in touch.

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