Teaching Your Child to Cover Their Mouth When Sneezing

Teaching Your Child to Cover Their Mouth When Sneezing

When it’s cold or dusty, children tend to sneeze at home, in their daycare in New York, public areas – practically everywhere! And like everyone else, they can’t help it because it’s a natural reaction when something tickles their nose.

One of the important things that you need to teach your child is to cover their mouth whenever they sneeze. Not only that it’s proper manners, but it can also prevent the spreading of disease.

Using your child’s toys, like stuffed animals, for a role-play can help give your child an idea. You can pretend that one of them is about to sneeze then hold up its arm to cover its mouth.

It’s important to consider that a child may forget your instruction to cover their mouth the first few times, according to an educator from a childcare center in New York, New York. However, please be patient with them. If you catch them that they are about to sneeze, you can give them a gentle reminder by directing one of their arms to their mouth. Then, cheerfully remind them that, “That’s how you do it!”

Of course, if you feel like sneezing, show your child that you do it, too. You will want to set an example to them that you always cover your mouth when you sneeze. Remember, children look up to their parents and learn a lot from them.

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